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What is the difference between hydraulic press and common mechanical press?

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Mechanical advantages and disadvantages:
1 mechanical speed
2 stroke precision, adjust the mold spacing will not change
3 up and down stroke is due to the rotation of the crankshaft driven by mechanical and adjustable distance
4 because it is pure mechanical, there will be no pressure protection, if not properly adjusted, easy to damage the machine or mold
Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic press:
1 compared to the mechanical speed is slow
2 dead in addition to the use of hard cushion outside rely on travel switch or hydraulic positioning and so on are difficult to pinpoint
3 upper and lower travel distance can be adjusted freely
4 after adjusting the pressure of the equipment, the hydraulic press will not exceed the tonnage to continue to move, and will not damage the equipment and mould
5 phase comparison mechanical noise

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