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Four column hydraulic pressure test system

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The arrival of the new hydraulic machine procurement after installation, and then performance, various technical indicators meet the predetermined criteria, the use of hydraulic machine will play its value in the day after today, Libang Xiaobian experience sharing: hydraulic machine core function of hydraulic system pressure test
Four aspects:
1, we should pay attention to the test pad block in the middle position of the table;
2, in accordance with the nominal pressure hydraulic machine equipment specifications to adjust the rated working pressure of liquid;
3, the hydraulic system pressure test temperature should be maintained at (50 + 5) (C to allow the use of heaters or other methods to increase oil temperature. Temperature, hydraulic machine should be no-load running at the same time, the temperature of each part of the system of uniform);
4, hydraulic machine in nominal force, pump stopping and reversing pressure for 10 minutes, from the master cylinder pressure gauge to measure pressure drop value;
5, test the arithmetic mean of three times, as the pressure of the hydraulic press.

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